Provincial Reconstruction Team

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A Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT), in U.S. and NATO doctrine, is a unit containing civilian and military personnel, for rebuilding infrastructure and encouraging development after active warfare. It has a longer-term focus than traditional military civil affairs.

They frequently serve as a point of contact for international and nongovernmental organizations to the host country local government and security forces.


PRTs in Afghanistan are under the International Security Assistance Force,[1] and may be multinational.[2] Their functions include public health, developing local security, and economic development.


In Iraq, the core PRT mission is to promote "stability and development" within a "sovereign, stable and self-reliant Iraq that is integrated into the global economy. The teams focus on five functional areas: governance, economics, national unity, political development and rule of law."[3] Typically, PRTs were linked to Brigade Combat Teams, but, as U.S. combat forces draw down, they will link to Iraqi Security Forces.


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