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Phil Fischer is a recording artist, Internet entrepreneur and Christian Evangelist based in Seattle, Washington. He was born in Wichita Falls, TX[1]. As an Internet entrepreneur, in 1989 he was one of the first domain investors and acquired over 12,000 one worded domains in the Internet’s early history.[2] In the mid 90’s he started a collection agency called Americontinental Collection Agency, and was the first to offer collections worldwide, with a turnover of $89 million. He then sold the agency to pursue a music career.[2]

Fischer released a rock album in South America which reached Platinum.

After converting to Christianity in 2002, Fischer released a Christian rock album, which in 2010 achieved the highest number of plays for a Christian music artist on MySpace and now has over 19 million views.

Fischer is now the owner of Seattle Software and runs Seattle Revival a Christian outreach in Seattle for the homeless.

Early life

Fischer was born in Wichita, Texas on April 17th 1966. Fischer left home a young age and grew up and spent his childhood in Alaska and many parts of Canada including Porcupine & Old Crow Yukon located in the Yukon territories. The two villages are located near the Arctic Circle. The two villages are part of the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation.

Fischer was given the native name “Little white bear” by tribal elders and was given access to travel freely on native lands for life. He moved away from British Columbia and Alaska to Oregon.[3]

Before Fischer setup his own business or began selling music, he attempted to start the British Columbia Contractors Association in Kamloops to help Canadian contractors get equal pay to their American counterparts. The association never grew past 240 members and dissolved in 1995.[3]



Fischer’s music career began at an early age, where he released a number of rock tracks.[4] [5] His debut album as a solo artist was the album “Wounded Soul”. The album was released in 2004 in Brazil, as Fischer struggled to find an appropriate distribution channel in the US where he was based. The album went onto sell over 300,000 copies in Brazil alone.[6]

Later in his life Fischer became a member of the band The Xbox Boys, a band he founded between 2009 and 2011. He was the lead singer and was referred to as P-Box. The Xbox boys eventually broke up due to copyright issues with Microsoft. The band reached 13,850,000 free downloads before they stopped recording. [7]

After the band stopped recording, he released a Christian Album “New Believer”, which was released in 2011. The songs from the album were listed on Fischer’s MySpace page, which received 19 million views.[8] [9] The song from the album “Stuck on You, Lord” was filmed in Pakistan and India. The song was released in 2009.[10]



Phil Fischer launched Seattle Software Developers in 1989. At the time it was the 202nd website to be launched on the Internet.[11] He registered 12303 dictionary domain names between 1989 and 1993 for free. Network solutions later sent him a bill for almost $800,000 dollars, which led to Fischer and Network Solutions Inc. entering a dispute over the ownership of the domains.[12] In 1993, Fischer became the first to offer debt collection solutions via the web.[13][2]

More recently, Fischer developed a number of techniques, which has helped the company reach a credible level within the SEO and web design industries. He has found a way using good content, and a domain ending only, to get websites to position high on Search Engines within weeks; this has been reported as “impossible” by some.[14] In terms of design, Fischer developed the “color code algorithm” which is a color technique for building websites, which increases website conversion for the website owners using colors consumers subliminally want to see based on industry. The color technique has been discussed in a number of business publications, which have included Miami Business Magazine and Northwest Magazine.[14] [15]

The company in 2012 was approached for a takeover by Advanced Technology, which Fischer turned down.[16] Fischer also created the mathematical puzzle, which he titled the “Bear Puzzle”, which for three years no one could solve. It was solved by the now Director of IT for Seattle Software Developers.[17]


Fischer became a practicing Christian in 2001 after meeting his wife, and much of his recent music is based on Christianity. In 2007 he gained notoriety within Christian circles for performing "Stuck on you", a song about Jesus Christ, on the streets of Wagah, Pakistan in front of a Muslim Mosque.[10]

He recently setup Seattle Revival, to help the lost in Seattle.


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