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Patricia Ecker (born 27 May 1962) is an American model and waitress, from Metairie, Louisiana. She is best known as the former wife of Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page (1986 - 1995), and mother of his son director James Patrick Page (III).

Ecker attended high school in New Orleans. Working as a model, she was also employed as a waitress at a New Orleans restaurant in the French Quarter, when she first met Page. Page was touring as part of the Firm's 1986 tour of the United States of America. Page is reported to have fallen in 'love at first sight'. At the end of the tour, Ecker travelled back to London, England with Page and both were married in December 1986.[1] She had a positive influence on Page, and they both had a child, James Patrick Page (III), on 26 April 1988 in London. He was named James Patrick Page, following a tradition in the Page family to name the first son as such. The Page family attended Jason Bonham and Jan Charteris' wedding reception on 28 April 1990 in Bewdley, Worcestershire. Like Page's previous relationship with Charlotte Martin, the long hours away from home on various overseas tours and studio commitments took its toll on the marriage, and resulted in the eventual separation of the couple on 16 January 1995.[2] James Patrick Page lived for a number of years with his mother in the United States.

Ecker currently resides in Mandeville, Louisiana.


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