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UK BOWMAN, US AN/PRC-343 intra-squad radio

Originally the Marconi H4855 Personal Role Radio in British service, or AN/PRC-343 in the U.S. Marine Corps, this is a short-range intra-squad radio to be carried by every soldier in an infantry squad. The U.S. version is made by Motorola. A total of 28 countries use versions of the unit.

The radios have an approximate range of 500 meters, and can operate in two separate talk groups (i.e., voice nets) as well as send low-speed data at 38.4 Kbps. The initial version does not have encryption, but usea UHF spread-spectrum wireless 2.4 GHz LAN technology that is hard to intercept. A more advanced version made by SELEX does have encryption.

It can be used with the QuietPro Enhanced Hearing Protection in-ear communication headset, which not only is a radio interface, but both a hearing protector, and an on-demand sound amplifier to help hear faint sounds.