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Maxine Bailey
Occupation media executive
Known for Director of the Canadian Film Centre

Maxine Bailey (1959 - ?)[1] was appointed the director of the Canadian Film Centre in Toronto, Ontario on April 29, 2021.[2] She took up the post on May 3, 2022.[3] She has expressed a preference for the avoidance of capital letters in her name, so in many sources, she is styled maxine bailey.[2]

Early life

Bailey and her younger brother Cameron Bailey were born in England and spent part of their youth in Barbados before moving to Canada in 1971.[4]


Bailey started her career in entertainment as a playwright and theatre producer.[3] She was a founding member of the Black Artists Network in Dialogue (BAND).

Bailey had started working at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2000, eventually becoming its Vice President in charge of government liasons.[5]

According to Now magazine, Bailey is recognized as playing a key role in increasing TIFF's role as a prominent film festival, and in establishing a year-round presence for TIFF, in its youth out-reach programs, and in the construction of its beautiful King Street headquarters and theatre.[6]

In 2017, Bailey launched the Share Her Journey initiative, to encourage the sharing of women's story.[5] Now magazine reported that bailey was inspired, in part, by then recently emerging accounts of sexual harrassment and sexual abuse by figures within the entertainment industry.[6]

Bailey retired from TIFF in 2018, and spent the two years prior to her appointment to the Canadian Film Center, as an invited expert and judge at other film festivals.[5]

In December 2019, Bailey was honored with a Special Jury Award of Distinction from the Women in Film and Television Toronto.[7]

After her 2021 appointment as director of the CFC, Bailey went on record that she would continue to work towards gender equity in the film and television industry.[2][5]


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