Karl Brandt

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Karl Brandt was a physician and SS officer in Nazi Germany, executed for his role in the Holocaust, including heading Action T4 for involuntary euthanasia, performing involuntary medical experiments and directing the technical aspects of genocide.

With the rank of Gruppenfuhrer in the SS, he was personal physician to Adolf Hitler (Reicharzt), Reich Commissioner for Health and Sanitation (Reichskommissar fuer Sanitaets- und Gesundheitswesen) and member of the Reich Research Council (Reichsforschungsrat).

Charges at the Nuremberg Military Tribunals

In the Medical Case (NMT), Brandt was charged with:[1]

He defended his actions as taken in good conscience. "I do not feel that I am incriminated. I am convinced that I bear the responsibility for what I did in this connection before my conscience. I was motivated by absolutely humane feelings. I never had any other intention."[2]


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