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These are the style rules for history articles.

Article Title

The title of an article should be without punctuation.

Good: [[Great Siege of Scarborough Castle]]
Poor: Scarborough Castle, Siege of

The only exception to no punctuation should be in the case of disambiguation.

Good: [[USS Enterprise (CV-6)]]
Poor: [[USS Enterprise]]

For special punctuation requirements, you can format such things as ship name as [[USS Enterprise (CV-6)|''USS Enterprise'' (CV-6)]]

Citation Style

Chicago Manual of Style is appropriate for all history articles.


The first reference to any source should include at least five of the following: author, title, place of publication, publisher, date, and url.

Subsequent references could be formatted as <ref>Morison, p. 35</ref>

Please do not use the {{citation}} or {{reflist}} commands to create references as the {{reflist}} function produces citations in an inappropriate and incorrect style for the history discipline.