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Parent topics

  • Artillery [r]: Crew-served military devices for propelling payloads over distance [e]
  • Guided missile [r]: A weapon that flies through air or space, under its own power, which adjusts its course to hit its target. [e]


Other related topics

  • Cruise missile [r]: A guided missile that uses aerodynamic forces, as well as active jet or rocket propulsion, to stay airborne and to adjust its course. [e]
  • Fire and forget [r]: A precision-guided munition that needs no guidance information from its launching platform once released [e]
  • Global Navigation Satellite System [r]: A system which allows small electronic devices to determine their location (Longitude, Latitude, and Altitude) as well as time with an accuracy of up to a few centimetres using time signals transmitted along a line of sight by radio from satellites. [e]
  • Geospatial intelligence [r]: Information derived from combining images, from a variety of sources, with geographical locations, resolving conflicts of coordinates and different imaging techniques, and analyzing the results [e]
  • Inertial navigation [r]: Navigation method that does not depend on external references, but computes the present position by sensing the movement of the navigating platform from a precisely known starting point in space, using accelerometers to sense position changes from a reference provided by gyroscopes [e]
  • Go-onto-target [r]: A guidance paradigm in which the sensor follows a potentially moving signal from the target, rather than going to a set of predefined geographic coordinates [e]
  • Swarming (military) [r]: A method of military attacking using multiple attack forces against an opponent, which act in an autonomous but synchronized manner, with real-time communications for their coordination [e]