GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb

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The GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb (SDB) has the same guidance and ballistics of larger bombs equipped with the latest Joint Direct Attack Munition guidance strap-on kit, but offers other advantages.[1] Especially with new explosives,[2] it is exceptionally destructive to a small area, but produces much less damage outside that area. Its lower weight also provides greater range for the same number of bombs, considered especially important by the Israelis. [3]

Three GBU-39s nominally fit into a single mounting position for a Mk. 84 2000 pound bomb, but can be launched separately, in a Triple Ejector Rack on wings or in a rotary launcher.

Initially, they contained either a conventional explosive filler, or, for some precision targets, inert concrete so they did damage only by kinetic energy. The U.S. Focused Lethality Munition program, is developing GBU-39's filled with dense inert metal explosive to decrease the blast radius while increasing lethality within it.

Procurement was controversial, as Darlene Druyun, a Air Force senior procurement executive, was convicted of irregularities in awarding several contracts, including the SDB, to Boeing.