Federation for American Immigration Reform

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A U.S. organization officially concerned with minimizing legal immigration and banning illegal immigration. Its list of issues goes somewhat beyond these into border nation issues:

  • Illegal Immigration -- How many, Costs, Crime, Public Health, Social Security, Employment, "Sanctuary," Temporary Protected Status, Attrition, Border control, Mexican government, Cubans, Anchor babies, Diluting citizen's representation.
  • Legal Immigration -- How many, Legislative options, Naturalization, Chain migration, Dual nationality, Public charge exclusion, Entry paths (Family, Employer, Refugee, Asylum, Lottery).
  • National Security -- 9/11 Attacks, Loopholes, [[Secure ID[[, Entry-Exit record, Policy recommendations, Visa waiver program, NAFTA Highway, North American Union.
  • Labor and Economics -- Job displacement, Labor market, Economy, Welfare, Wages in agriculture, Costs, Employer sanctions, Free trade agreements,
  • Guest Workers (Temporary visa types, High-tech, agricultural workers, unskilled, company transfers).
  • Population and Environment -- Population growth, Sprawl, Traffic, Fresh water resources.
  • Societal Issues -- Assimilation, Poverty, Schools, Hate Crimes, Hit-and-run, Brain drain, Revanchism and Aztlan, Non-citizen voting, Opinion polls.