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Da Nang, also written Danang, is the fourth largest city of Vietnam, and also a province. It is on the seacoast of Vietnam, approximately halfway between Hanoi (764km/578mi to the north) and Ho Chi Minh City (964km/578 mi to the south). It is on the main north-south road, National Highway 1.

It borders on Thua Thien and Hue Provinces on the immediate north, and Quang Nam province to the south and west. It is the main point of entry to the Central Highlands, a range of low mountains to the west.

During the Vietnam War, it was a major Army of the Republic of Vietnam base, headquarters of the I Corps tactical zone. It had the largest U.S. Marine Corps airfield, and was the main headquarters for units designated III Marine Amphibious Force. The airport is in current use for wide-body international aircraft.

Its population is strongly Buddhist, and it was the center of the 1966 Buddhist crisis.