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Catherine Hooper
Occupation entrepeneur
Known for was engaged to a son of Bernie Madoff, who succumbed to cancer before they married

Catherine Hooper is an American entrepreneur who was engaged to Andrew Madoff.[1]

Catherine Hooper grew up in upstate New York.[2] She was working at a store that sold high-end fishing tackle when she met Madoff.[1]

She moved in with Madoff in late 2008, shortly before Andrew's father, Bernie Madoff, confessed that he had created a huge Ponzi scheme.[3]

In 2011, publisher Little, Brown & Company said its fall release schedule included a book chronicling "the private life story of one of the most controversial figures of our time". After a leak appeared to reveal that Catherine Hooper and Laurie Sandell were the book's co-authors, members of the publishing community assumed the book was about Bernie Madoff. When "Truth and Consequence: Life in the Madoff Family" was published, Sandell was the only credited author.

When the book was published selected quotes revealed that Bernie Madoff had screamed at Hooper for putting a purse with metal studs on its bottom on a piece of expensive furniture.[4] He warned her the family "did not come from money", and she had made a mistake if she thought becoming his son's girlfriend was a way for her to enrich herself. Bernie also embarrassed his son, by telling him that while Hooper was attractive, her bosom was too small.

Madoff helped Catherine Hooper create Black Umbrella, an organization that helped people organize after disasters.[5][6][7]

Madoff was diagnosed with cancer in 2003, but was in remission. He started cancer treatment again, after relapsing in 2011. He had a stem cell transplant in mid-2014 and his recovery looked promising, until he died of sudden complications in September 2014.

Madoff's estate was nominally worth $16 million.[8] He had tried to set up a trust fund that was to pay Catherine Hooper $50,000 a month. However, Irving Picard, the bankruptcy trustee fighting to recover money from Bernie Madoff's defrauded clients, had his estate tied up. Catherine Hooper said when Madoff died she quickly downsized her apartment to a smaller 46m², where she and her daughter shared a bunk bed.

Catherine Hooper was played by Lily Rabe in the film The Wizard of Lies (2017).[9] She told People magazine she did not watch the miniseries.[10]


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