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Article 4 of the current Policies document states:

Citizendium contributors shall participate publicly under their real, verified names and maintain public biographical details about themselves; minors - who must be at least 16 years old - shall provide only brief details, and otherwise personal information shall be kept private and destroyed when no longer needed.

The above is the only binding rule on public user information. The rules below are guidance only.

To find your userpage, log in, and simply click on your name at the very top of the screen.

Why biographies?

All Citizens are required to maintain biographies on their userpages. Why? Because we are taking real-world responsibility for our contributions and making real-world relationships with each other. A name by itself conveys little information to others. The purpose of user pages is to be helpful to the development of Citizendium by providing other Citizens with a basis from which to explore opportunities for collaboration in the framework of the project. The requirement for biographies on authors' user pages will be enforced by Citizendium's constabulary.

What goes into a biography?

Any Citizen

The biography of any Citizen should provide some basic information about themselves, their interests and educational background — preferably a few hundred words, and not fewer than 50.

Should conflicts of interest exist between participation in Citizendium and elsewhere, they are to be clearly stated.


Minors are asked not to include any personal information about themselves, nor about where they live, but they should still give some nonspecific information about their interests and education (no school names, please).

Biographies of Editors as well as elected and appointed officials have the additional requirements below.


When a new applicant to join Citizendium or an existing Citizendium Author applies to be be confirmed as an Editor, an Editorial Personnel Administrator (EPA) appointed by the Editorial Council will consider that application. As part of that consideration, the EPA will request that the new applicant or existing Author provide a biography that includes:

  1. The applicants university or college academic degrees (along with the relevant dates); and/or
  2. The applicants working experiences (along with the relevant dates); and
  3. Any other items that furnish evidence of the applicants expertise relevant to the Workgroups for which the applicant seeks Editor status

Separately from the biography, the editorship applicant will also be asked to provide a statement that the applicant agrees to keep the above biography information publicly available on the applicants User Page.

After an editorship is approved and confirmed, the new Editor may subsequently augment the biography on the his/her User Page and subsequently add, delete, or reformat that augmented text in any way desired­ except that the information you provide for (1) and/or (2) and (3) above must always remain publicly available on his/her User page. Example 1, Example 2

Note: The above requirements are pursuant to the Editorial Council's regulation EC:R-2011-002, which further requires that all existing Editors who give formal Approval to a Draft article or who make a formal Editorial ruling on any article must be prepared to state his or her own qualifications and justifications as being the basis of their ruling. .


The biography should contain at least a link to a page describing their official role in the project. Example

User page rules

Citizens may not edit each others' user pages, or subpages thereof, unless such a page is clearly labeled as inviting contributions from others, as per Category:Editable user pages. Constables will have the authority to edit user pages to bring them into conformity with the above rules; they will, however, first make a request that the author do so him- or herself. Purely technical edits like fixing categories, templates or redirects shall be exempted from requiring permission or prior notification.


Categories play an important role in managing user pages. They can be placed on pages by members of the technical team and the users themselves.

Be sure to add yourself to the list of CZ authors (which you see on the left--under "Our authors") by putting this on your userpage:

[[Category:CZ Authors]]

You should also add yourself to a workgroup or several (here's the current list), with a tag; for example:

[[Category:History Authors]]

Editors are designated as such by CZ staff after having requested their account.


Note that we do not permit pseudonyms or customized "signatures" on the wiki.

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