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You must post documentation when people release images under free content licenses (e.g., a Creative Commons license). Of course, you should strongly rely on only free content media and request people to release their images under such licenses.

However, when important photos are simply unavailable or cannot be reasonably created and released under free content licenses, you may use copyrighted images in Citizendium if you obtain written permission from the copyright holder and can prove this. When requesting permissions, please request that the granter's permission extend to all re-users of Citizendium content.

Note: If documentation is not in English, please provide translation at the permission page, described below.

Note also: If the image is at a public website and the proof is documented there, copy it over AND include a link to the source page. However, this may only be done if the person's real name is displayed there and there is no doubt about who the image is authored by and what it is released under.

You can use this image while you await written release to use a company logo.

For an image [[Image:Copyrighted_Picture_of_-_for_Citizendium.jpg]], follow these steps:

  1. Create [[Image_talk:Copyrighted_Picture_of_-_for_Citizendium.jpg/Permission]] and paste in proof, being sure to first remove privacy details if appropriate (e.g., the personal phone number of a famous person). Emails are acceptable, placed between <pre> and </pre> tags, which create a dotted box like you see below. Low-resolution imaged letters bearing the signature of the copyright holder are best (but not so low-resolution as to make the letter unreadable).
  2. Place a link back to the image at the top of the permission page in the form [[Image:Copyrighted_Picture_of_-_for_Citizendium.jpg]].
  3. Sign the permission page with four tildes, ~~~~.
  4. Immediately call a constable to lock the page, placing "LOCK PAGE REQUEST" as the subject of your email.

Once you have created the permissions page, you then place data about the image's copyright/licensing at the image page, including a link to the permissions page in the form Used by [[Image_talk:Copyrighted_Picture_of_-_for_Citizendium.jpg/Permission|Permission]]. Sign this as well.

Afterward, if the image is copyrighted and used by permission, place the image into the article in the form required or if none use:

[[Copyrighted_Picture_of_-_for_Citizendium.jpg|thumb|225px|right|'''What the picture is of'''. 
Add image description here.<BR><small><small>Photo © by Place Name Here, used by

Adjust the size and placement of the image as appropriate.

Properly documented examples

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