8" howitzer

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A field artillery cannon in the "heavy" category, produced in multiple versions by multiple countries, the 8" howitzer considered the most accurate of howitzers. It eventually was displaced, due to its weight and size, by improved 155mm howitzers and guided missiles.

The weapon was implemented both in towed and self-propelled (SP) versions.

Second World War

With its approximately 90 KG/200 pound warhead, the 8" howitzer could be quickly responsive to ground commander needs for missions that would otherwise require aircraft.

Cold War

Mobility enhancements continued. The W31 nuclear artillery shell, the first for a general-purpose field artillery cannon, was introduced.

Vietnam War

A creative approach let the this howitzer share the same self-propelled chassis with the U.S. 175mm gun. Commanders could then choose whether weight or range of fire was more important.